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Born October 11, 1930 in Warsaw Poland, died April 5, 2021 in Halifax, NS, Canada

At the end of 1939, flees to the Soviet Union to escape the holocaust. Lives in Siberia until 1946. Returns to Poland.

In March 1948 reaches Palestine. Takes part in the War of Independence and the creation of the State of Israel. founding member of the kibbutz Megiddo, where he works on sculptures made from olive wood and organizes theatre productions during five years. Lives, studies and works in Tel-Aviv and Eilat until 1962.

In 1962 moves to France. Studies at the Sorbonne. Visits art galleries and attends classes of drawing and painting at the art studios of La Grande Chaumiere.

In 1965 emigrates to Canada. Teaches at various institutions in Nova Scotia. Started painting seriously after his retirement in 1999.

After working with olive wood, then painting landscapes of Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, I have turned my focus to abstract painting using caricature and satirical connotations, depicting human eccentricities in real life situations by means of geometrical configurations.

Both complex and simple drawings express hidden ideas, the choice of colour is used to communicate feelings of an outsider, to convey my mood and impressions of the given subject.

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